Video Streaming Production System

AsRunLog – disable editor / fixed config
Filename parser
Live Viewer
System log
Shot Box
ATHENSA GRAPHICS NetControl (Commanding AG)
SD/HD output plugin
Streaming option
Backup Option
External events (incl GPI/DTMF, Router/Matrix, LTC OUT, NetSender)
DTMF in/ GPI in/ LTC in
Multiaudio (more than 1 stereo pair)
QualityControl/Loudness normalization*
Dolby Digital AC3**
API control
Time Events
Playlist Import (CSV)
*Requires additional ATHENSA QC
** Requires additional Dolby Digital License

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Church Live Streaming

The Best Live Video Streaming Equipment For Your Church
This post covers the best cameras, switchers, tripods, and encoders for streaming your church or ministry. It’s part of our series on church live streaming.

With 4K resolution and Sd standard all new TVs, you want to make sure you buy a streamer that is compatible, but that’s only



the start.