Social Media & Web TV’s

Easy OnAir can be used a playout source for Easy Stream, Open Broadcaster, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and Wirecast and any other DirectShow supported encoders. Any media server or popular social media servers, Periscope, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Akamai and others can be your channel via Easy OnAir Playlist.



Easy CIAB provides an economical and all in one solution that can be easily used to operate a Playout channel, with the EMS CIAB Playout solution, Recorder and Encoder applications become much simpler to set up for the channel.

A broadcast stream can be created by assembling images shot from cameras or by adding any ready made image files to the playout playlist. It then enables you to easily edit and add multiple features such as Channel Logos, Text, Time, SMS, Animation, Video, Floating Characters or any of the other features available with Easy CG.

When a broadcast Playout Playlist is created, Easy Ingest software allows a logo to be inserted after the video is recorded by using Easy CG. Ingested files can be stored in low and high resolution by recording at two different resolutions and quality.

Easy Stream is activated once the video is being broadcast.

Ingested files whether you’re a social media CDN, IPTV or uplink center are easily broad- cast to viewers which are then sent via places such as satellite centers.

It is expected that a CBR (constant bitrate) stream will arrive at a constant bitrate per unit of time. These are stream packets sent to multiplexer devices which are used in professional broadcasting centers. In the cases of critical errors, such as Level 1 and Level 2, and errors that can not be seen on video broadcasts TS analyzer is used.

Using the Easy Stream solution it provides broadcast quality with a reliable output stream.

EMS CIAB scalable solutions.

Ingested files are scaled depending on the application requirement for social media or professional 24/7 broadcast television channels. In addition, Video Converters, Media Archive, and Quality Control systems are completely automated as part of the planning for of a scalable solution.


Feature Easy OnAir

  • Mixed video formats can be played on the same playlist .
  • Drag and drop are simple and easy to
  • Mixed audio sample files can be played in the same
  • Files using different frame rates are automatically up or down converted to match the selected output frame

Easy CG

  • Has no layer limitations, objects can be created as
  • Animation, Video, Text, Scrolling Text (left to right, right to left and up and down), Digital or Analog Clocks, Pictures, Continuous Automatic Pictures or any of the other available features can be created.
  • An easy to use interface is readily
  • A DVA (Picture in Picture ) application can be created from live sources by splitting the screen with up to 16

Easy Ingest


  • Enables recordings in MPEG-2, H264, DV, MXF and XDCAM
  • Automatically places records into
  • Two different formats can be recorded at the same


Easy Stream


  • UDP/RTP and CBR outputs (MPEG-2 and H264 as HD and SD).
  • RTMP outputs (For social media and CDN).
  • The stream can be sent to multiple
  • Backup option