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HOME-X Bent Metal Straws Stainless Steel Straws w/Cleaning Brush

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Crossing over to 1.3.4! - Nov 4 2016

This is an exciting time for fans of Terraria and Dungeon Defenders as the lands of Terraria and Dungeon Defenders 2 cross paths! Terraria will be taking on an all new event with many elements from DD2. This event promises to have something in it for everyone new and experienced. A mysterious portal opens and from it come the creatures from the land of Etheria, bringing to Terrarians:

  • All new game mechanics with tower defense-like elements.
  • New defenses to aid the player in fending off this new threat.
  • New loots! Weapons, vanities and more await players that are victorious against the fearsome leader of this invasion.

Dungeon Defenders 2 will also get Terraria related content with weapons, enemies and our resident Dryad paying an unexpected visit to Etheria.

The 1.3.4 update will also bring some stunning visual improvements to the physics of water interaction.

The expected release for this update is November 15, but can change if developers can't achieve this goal. Confirmation should come as the date gets closer. In the meantime, Enjoy these awesome peeks at what's to come!

In the top image, there is an impressive lodging with some new faces inside. There's lots of new objects within this structure to speculate about. In the second image, we get a peek at the new event, the portal, some turrets, enemies and perhaps even a new weapon.

Let's get this party started! - July 20 2016

1.3.2 is out and it's party time! Re-Logic brings us a small update with the promise of another update on the horizon that will expand the underground desert biome and more! So visit the Party Girl sometime to get things started.

More news for 1.3.1! - April 8 2016

1.3.1 is getting closer to completion and a little spoiler video with some news has been released. Re-Logic has revealed a list of fixes/tweaks left to be taken care of and once that is done, 1.3.1 should be up and running! This update largely focuses on controller support and some neat wiring mechanics. While this won't be a large update, Re-Logic has hinted at 1.3.2 and more for the future. Take a look at the amazing details of an adventure map in the video below:

One of the more interesting features shown in the video is the Granite Golem statue placed in the background. This could possibly mean opportunities for other enemy statue discoveries. 1.3.1 is just around the corner...

Terraria 1.3.1 is on the way to PC users! - February 4 2016

1.3.1 is on the way! Over the past few months we've heard increasing amounts of info regarding what will be coming with this update, which the developers have taken to calling the "Wiring Update". Among other things these features are what have been revealed to us thus far:

  • Logic Gates (including AND, OR, XOR and XNOR)
  • Yellow Wire
  • Snow will no longer pass through tiles as if they weren't there
  • Conveyor belts
  • Large Gems can be used to interact with Large Gem Switch Frames
  • A new form of pressure plate that can be triggered by projectiles
  • A new large gem in the form of Amber as well as updated sprites for the rest of the large gems
  • Controller support

Re-logic are still taking suggestions for what could be added to this update here, feel free to let them know what you think should be added to the game! More spoiler images below, enjoy.

Terraria Now for Mac & Linux Too! - August 21 2015

Mac and Linux Terrarians, your day has finally arrived!

Re-Logic staff are thrilled to announce that they are officially launching the Mac & Linux versions of Terraria today! This has been a very long time in coming - and they know how very much the Community has desired these new Terraria platforms, and are eagerly looking forward to hearing your reaction. :)

Also note that this will be Terraria This version ensures compatibility between Mac/Linux and Windows - no other substantial changes come with this update. The dedicated server software links are below:




(Link to the original post)

Terraria 1.3 Trailer and Changelog! - June 28, 2015

Earlier this month, the above trailer was posted on the Terraria Community Forums to tide us over until the release of the long-awaited 1.3 update on June 30!

Highlights of this video include:

  • Hundreds of new items, including a Portal Gun from Valve's Portal series!
  • New monsters!
  • New biomes and mini-biomes!
  • A new Skeleton Merchant NPC!
  • NPCs defending themselves against monsters!
  • At least one new event!
  • A higher difficulty mode which changes monster and boss AI!
  • ...and much more!

Additionally, it was announced at the end of the TCF post that Mac and Linux support are planned and are supposed to be coming sometime next month.

But that isn't all! Yesterday, another post was made on the TCF which contained something arguably even more interesting: a changelog for 1.3. This post contains all sorts of details about the next update, including info on the workings of Expert Mode, revamped NPC mechanics, bugfixes, crafting tweaks, and more! If you don't mind the spoilers, it is well worth your time to check it out!

v1.3 Release Date Announced! - May 26, 2015

An interesting post on the Terraria Community Forums contained the following video:

At first glance, this video seems to be intended to show off a redesign for the Underworld. However, a much juicier detail came at the end of the video: Terraria 1.3 will be releasing on June 30, 2015!


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