Easy Catch Up TV

Thinking beyond the scheduled time.

Time-Shifted Playback

The Instant replay function during Catch-Up TV operation switches directly from the live signal to the playback mode. TV broadcasts can thus be followed at any time live and time-shifted.

Log and Warning System

All logs of all transactions made by the system and made by the users are recorded in detail. All errors and warnings that will occur on the system instantly, daily or weekly provide detailed reports to the administrators via mail.

Web-Based Solution

Easy Catch-Up TV is accessible anytime, anywhere and compatible with any device or platform, putting the user in charge of where and when they access the application. The software is delivered through a browser of the user’s choice as well as data is available from anywhere after the user logs in. Productivity remains high as employees can get the work they need done now.

Embedded Video Cutter Tool

Embedded frame accurate video cutter tool provides easy timeline-based video trimming that makes it easy to trim, cut and merge numerous video clips together in various parts while maintaining the originality of clips. Embedded video cutter tool trim, cut, merge the media files losslessly at a quick speed right in the browser window. This tool allows user to share the final clip on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Social Media

Easy Catch-Up TV integrates with the main social networks (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter to offer media distribution in order to deliver content directly from the system and get the most out of it on any device and platform where content is being consumed.



Simultaneous Multi-Format Coding

Easy Catch-Up TV with its wide video format support allows multiple versions to be generated on-the-fly to a single process. It creates an “audience ready” version that is viewable on all devices. This enables a single video source to be delivered to many different types of viewing devices including TVs, computers, and smartphones making sure You have what you need the moment you finish.

EPG Data Feed

Easy Catch-Up TV listing EPG data feeds tool allow users to find TV programs with ease. Footage is available via EPG data, calendar, bookmarks, sliders and even the storyboard. The recordings are streamed from one or more storage servers directly to the device

Active Directory

Organizations can use existing Active Directory to control, manage and adjust user access and permissions. Users simply login into the Easy Catch-Up TV using their corporate email address and password. The system is accessible via a Single Sign-On (SSO) environment while remaining secure


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